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by Sunrot

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bcb723 Stoned doom sludge. And so very heavy but also heavy in ways that transcend genre. Take 12ish minutes & check the layered "Riverbed/The One You Feed" to begin to get the power of Sunrot. While the spectre of Neurosis may hang over the album somewhat, I could not think of a better musical touchpoint to echo as they twist these songs into their own harrowing first person journeys of the inner-self."Sunnata" is directly honest music that I have not gotten tired of hearing, even after several years. Favorite track: Aether.
thecrimsonking19 thumbnail
thecrimsonking19 I know this album is 3 years old but I just discovered it recently and holy shit does it hit hard. I have listened to this on repeat for a month straight and it's just as great the 100th time as it was the 1st. Truly a remarkable masterpiece of heavy music. I chose Riverbed as the my favorite track but this album is exquisite from start to finish. Please make more. Favorite track: Riverbed.
Noob Heavy
Noob Heavy  thumbnail
Noob Heavy This band is on another level, bringing an intense level of story telling both musically and lyrically without compromising their raw power. Equally beautiful and repulsive... the nature of things, for a lot of us. 9.2/10 from noobheavy.com Favorite track: The One You Feed (Part 1.).
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A Void 03:00
Agonal State 07:16
The agonal stage of a hostile state is our pyrrhic fate. The great serpent too eagerly choked on its tail. The rattles from the throes of nations echo throughout time, a token of our own conditioning. We've seen the bodies, scorched and they're burning. Their faces twisted and contorting, greasing the wheels of the machine. We rot. Empires depress, the house always wins, with goring horns the monolith spreads. We rot. Salt the Earth, salt your homes, doomed to repeat, we reap what is sown. We rot.
Gormandize 03:41
Murderers, you wade in rivers of blood. Gluttonous, the coast of carnage goes up. Dulling the blade on broken bones. Nothing's sacred, blood stolen by stone. Plundering and syndicated, feed, you parasites. Laying waste because it's never enough, get your fill of pillaging. You have two faces, both mouths packed with decay. Now it's in you too, festering, consuming, there's no recovering. Take, take and take until there's nothing left.
Ossuary 08:07
A creature washed up on the shore, a body dense swollen and leaking. A sight not meant for the meek, through its stare it can devour everything. Attempts to repress in vain, casting a shadow as far as one can see. Sleeping awake, benighted in day. Overthrow the self, we commiserate. Outgrow the fear rooted in bone. The truth in the shroud is all that we own. Wake up in absence of ego and shame. Precipice enlightened, swallow the reigns. Admit what you've sown, existence in dirt, the choice to accept is all that is left
Aorta 06:03
We are the waves that rise to touch the sky, born to fall into sleep. The parabola unfolded, intoxicating in its essence. The heart's crown is weightless in your hands, set forth from desire. The light trails lead us forward, we are lost at sea. Lost at sea with words as anchors. Letting go, but not adrift. We know the tides, watch them align to pull and sway the currents. Still a sail through the fog, we move on, we keep moving. Beingness is solitude, balanced is precision. We're purified in rays. Now I have reached composure. Bound by the moon, crossed by the stars
Angry Downer 01:24
Death's King 04:07
The eye is empty of self. View the world as empty, always mindful to have removed any view about self, this way one is above and beyond death. This is how one views the world so as not to be seen by Death's king. Who scatters the troops of the king of death, as a great flood, a very weak bridge made of reeds, is victorious, for his fears are dispersed, he is steadfast in himself. A man immersed in gathering blossoms, his heart distracted, Death sweeps him away as a great flood, a village asleep. Heedlessness is dust. Dust comes from heedlessness. When a house is on fire, the vessel salvaged is the one that will be of use, not the one left there to burn. So when the world is on fire with aging and death, one should salvage by giving, what is given is well salvaged. With heart unbowed, endured the pain. Like a flame unbinding was the liberation of awareness from distorted perception. Your mind is on fire. Those who let go do not get burned. Through heedfulness and clear knowing you'd remove your own sorrow. Today with arrow removed, without hunger, entirely unbound, I go. So to the one who has seen to the far extreme, I've come with one question. One who regards the world in what way isn't seen by Death's king? Get up, sit up, train firmly for the sake of peace. Do not let the king of death deceive you, bring you under his sway.
Riverbed 05:18
Voices from behind my eyes, a myriad swarming up and through my mind. Wash me clean. Soothe the swell. Drag the floor. Its quiet at the bottom of the river. Voices from behind my eyes, cascading, their ripping me apart. The gates give way, crash the banks, tearing through the plains. a leap away. The water seeps into your bones, the downfall is deafening. Its quiet, give me quiet, at the bottom of the river.
Who do you feed when there's nothing to follow? Who do you feed when there's no one around you? Who do you feed when there's no place to go to? Who will you feed?
Aether 09:47
Sentenced eternally to bare this weight all alone, crushing. In exile they banished me. What do you want from me? My body and mind are eroding. I chose the side of crueler gods, they tore us down. Shamed by my failures I repeat. Time is my curse. I can't do this anymore, bracing the heavens but I'm in hell. The end no longer scares me. I'll reap my colossal revenge, apocalypse, the primordial embrace. I let go, the sky falls and cracks open, sapphire waves flood and wash the ground away. Now its over. There's no pain in nothingness. I dive into the abyss, it eats me, we don't exist. I spit into the snakes eyes, your reign is over, my mind has died. Serenity in obscurity. I am free now, in this void, I am free in the void.
Freedom 03:40


released August 3, 2017

Music by Sunrot
Recorded by Evan Kaminsky at Tone Henge
Mixed & mastered by Scot Moriarty at Backroom Studios in Rockaway NJ
Layout & Design by Christopher Eustaquio
Lyrics by Lex (additional lyrics on track 4 by Stephen Edwards)
Album art by Muhamad Ikbal Arifin Suradi www.ibayarifin.com and Evan Kaminsky
Produced by Nihilum Inc.
Additional vocals by Scot Moriarty, Stephen Edwards, & Ross Bradley
Translation on track 5 by Martina Baethgen
Dedicated to anyone who helps keep the DIY scene alive
In memory of William M. Berger
Drone on.


all rights reserved



Sunrot New Jersey

Compulsive post noise power sludge

Lex - Vocals
Chris - Guitar
Rob - Guitar
Alex - Drums
Ross - Bass

Drone on.


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